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What age is retirement?

Retirement Age - what age is it?

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What age is retirement age?

It seems that the answer for most people is the age that they can get the government aged pension, which stands at 65. 

So is this the same aim for everyone?

Retirement age is the age that you want to cease your working life and do something else that fills in what used to be your working hours.  It can depend on family, health, financial commitments, travel desires, business succession - a whole host of factors.

Depending on my own financial situation, which is healthy, I can see myself being involved in my business well past the "retirement age".  I subscribe to the philosophy that if I am enjoying what I do (and right now I really do) then I am not really working anyway, so what would I be "retiring" from?  There is the old saying that you should find something that you really enjoy for your occupation, and that way you will never "work" a day in your life.  I guess I am one of the lucky ones in this regard.

Don't get caught in the retirement trap - it is your decision and relates to your situation alone.  Just because someone else is or isn't ceasing work doesn't mean that you fit the same template too.

Its your life, live it your way.


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