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Clifton Accountants is so much more than an accountancy firm.

We’re a trusted advisor and partner in business success for all our clients.

Vision & Values

Our values are the pillars of the Cliftons brand.  They are the non-negotiable drivers of our business.  They define our character and what we stand for.

They set us apart from our competitors and are the things that our clients value about us.


No stone unturned

Thorough, attention to detail, buttoned down insights and advice.

Progressive progression

We’re inquisitive and constantly seeking out new ideas and innovations to make things better, rather than being mired in traditional ways at all costs.

Trust is everything

Integrity is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, we do what we say, and say what we do.

More smile, less stuffy

Who says a highly strategic and successful business relationship can’t be relaxed and down to earth? While we take what we do very seriously indeed, we don’t take ourselves so seriously.

Deeper than dollars

Money is important. But it isn’t everything. In fact, we frequently find that looking beyond just the dollars reveals the real ‘gold’ in successful business relationships.


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