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Innovative ideas for Skilled Trade businesses

With over 50 years of dedicated service, Clifton Accountants stands as a trusted partner for businesses in the building and construction industry.

Our team specializes in providing comprehensive accounting solutions tailored to the unique needs of construction professionals. 



How can Cliftons assist you?

  • 1. Building and Construction Long Service Leave Scheme

    Navigating the complexities of the Long Service Leave Scheme is crucial for both employers and self-employed contractors. We assist in recording your service each financial year, ensuring compliance and maximizing benefits.

  • 2. Homeowners Warranty Insurance

    Maximizing your Homeowners Warranty Insurance cover requires strategic planning. We analyze your business profitability, assets, and liabilities to determine your risk factor, helping you access the coverage you need.

  • 3. Taxable Payments Reporting Obligations

    Stay compliant with Taxable Payments Reporting obligations. Our experts guide you through the reporting process, ensuring accuracy and transparency in your financial records.

  • 4. Workers Compensation

    Understanding and managing Workers Compensation is essential for the building and construction industry. We provide expert advice to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with regulations.

  • 5. Contractors v Employees - Employer Obligations

    Avoid potential audit risks by correctly classifying contractors and employees. Our team can assist in running your contractors through decision tools to determine their status, minimizing the risk of back payments.

  • 6. Business Structuring

    Optimize your business structure for maximum efficiency and financial benefits. We provide tailored advice on structuring your business to meet both current and future needs.

  • 7. Accounting Software

    Streamline your financial processes with cutting-edge accounting software. Our team helps you choose and implement software that aligns with the specific requirements of the building and construction industry.

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Strategies for Skilled Trades

The scheme is designed to provide access to Long Service Leave for those in the industry, especially self-employed individuals or staff moving between employers. Employers can have some or all of their LSL obligations covered, and self-employed contractors can record their service through us to access benefits not available in other industries.

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