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Include some generosity

Budgeting?? Include Some Generosity

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I don' think Im the only one who as a kid thought it would be great to earn a million dollars a year, to be a millionaire, and dreamed of what Id do with it.

Looking back now though the problem was that every dream was self-centered and me focused.  Cars, big boys toys, house, holidays and the like.  I never really gave any thought to what impact I could have on the lives of others.

Fast forward now to when Im in a very fortunate position.  I have a beautiful family, great friends, outrageously good business and solid income.

And do you know what gives me joy?  No, not just being able to take my family on holidays, and not just having a nice house.

I love being able to give to others.

Be it family, friends, church, charity or strangers there is something exceptionally fulfilling about being able to give away what we've worked hard to get.  And we model this to our girls.

So whats the point of this post?

Well, I encourage people to budget to be generous.  Take money off the top to tithe, give away and donate.  When you're revising or creating a will, include a gift that will last beyond your mortality in the form of a gift or bequest from your estate to a church or charity.

Im yet to meet the person who has too much money, yet we in Australia still live better than some 98% of people in the world.

Am I on my soapbox a bit?  Sure, but imagine the difference you can make, where your little can mean a lot.

Theres no time like now to start putting into place the old saying of "charity begins at home".  Every little bit counts, so what are you going to do with your little bit??

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