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Salary Earner

Salary and wage earners often feel hard done by when it comes to tax.

It may seem like business owners get all the tax deductions, whilst salary-earning employees get little to nothing in their tax return.

There are options and strategies that can be adopted for every salary earner to maximise their after tax dollars.  And the strategy is different depending on how close to "retirement" you are.

It may be through salary sacrifice, which is advantageous regardless of age.

But at a very minimum keeping good records for deductions and motor vehicles is a basic.

And EVERYONE can benefit from a review of investments and super.  Have a look at our financial life management arm Clifton Wealth to see how we can help here.

Our professional team are here to guide and advise you on tax matters including salary sacrifice, maximising deduction, claiming motor vehicles, the rights and wrongs with rental properties, claiming home office and tax on capital gains.

Need more guidance on making the best of what you've work hard to earn? Contact Clifton's and talk to our team.

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