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My Tax

If there's one topic almost guaranteed to bring a groan and sad face from each and every Australian it's TAX.

Income Tax, Land Tax, Payroll Tax and Capital Gains Tax are all opportunities to save tax, if you know what you're doing. Clifton Accountants have a team of training experts in all facets of income tax.  Add to this a knowledge bank of accountants Australia wide as well as membership to various industry bodies and we can pretty much cover off on any tax topic you like.

At Clifton's we think of tax on a broader scale than just Income Tax. We also advise on Land Tax and Payroll Tax too.

An aspect of tax that gets a lot of air and discussion is capital gains tax.  This a tricky area, but it's also an area that when handled well can see you save significant amounts of tax.

Tax and its effective management, from a business perspective, starts when your business starts.  And quality, professional advice on structuring and bookkeeping is more than worth it.  Think of it as an investment in the future.

The stark reality is that taxation law is very broad, very complex and quite daunting.  That's why we always advise that you leave it to the experts.

So when it comes to handling all aspects of tax for your life, contact Cliftons.

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