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Structuring & Protecting

Choosing the right structure for your business means getting the right fit for your circumstances.

There's no one-size-fits-all-rule to business structure, which is why seeing a Business Advisor can help. But having the wrong structure can be painful, from the point of view of taxation, asset protection and succession. Think of the having the right structure like buying a pair of running shoes - get the wrong ones, and pain will be just around the corner.

At Clifton Accountants we believe that the right structure is a key element in your business life. In the following video, Brian and Kurt discuss the common business structures, along with some pros and cons.

This video is a brief overview. But the importance of the right structure should not be undervalued. Remember the third little pig? He had the right structure and survived!!!

Contact Clifton Accountants today, to review your structure for when the wind blows.

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