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We don’t just accept things the way they are. It’s in our DNA to challenge businesses as to what we feel is best for their growth.

Exit Strategy

How do you plan on transitioning out of your business?

Just like each other decision you've made along the way there are options.

  • Close the doors and walk away
  • Pass on to the next generation, with or without payment
  • Sell to the highest bidder
  • Bring in a manager and take a back seat
  • Set up to run without you but still with ownership at some level

Frankly the first option is a poor one.  But if you haven't planned and taken action it may be the only one available to you.

Which one is the right one comes down to which is right for you.  Regardless, you want choice rather than having one thrust upon you.

And that means planning.

Start that plan NOW!!  Contact Clifton's and let's work together to make sure that you get satisfaction when you choose to exit.

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