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Life and its traumas

Life and its Trauma

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Life is good, right?...You feel on top of the world, family are all well and business is kicking goals.

But then you get seriously ill or have a major accident. Or worse still, you die.  Whats this mean for your family?

Well, apart from the obvious despair, you hopefully have insurances to cover these possibilities.  You'd hate to leave your family stricken with no income and a heap of debts.
The insurances to consider include;


  • also known as critical illness insurance
  • covers a wide range of situations
  • generally cheaper cover means less cover
  • paid upon diagnosis
  • provides a lump sum for medical care, mortgage, debt cover


  • total and permanent disability
  • generally pays when you can no longer work
  • has categories of "own occupation" and "any occupation"
  • helps to pay debts, pay medical expenses and gives a future income stream


  • paid upon death
  • often has an age limit
  • gets more expensive as you get older
  • paid as a lump sum

You might also have income protection insurance and key person insurance in business.

Thy might not all be appropriate to your situation, but you're not doing right by yourself and your family if you haven't even had the discussion with them and an insurance professional.

You might think you cant afford it.  But as the old saying goes, can you afford to be without it?

Please note that nothing in this post constitutes financial advice, and you should seek the advice of a professional licensed under AFSL regulations.

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