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Get Your Day In Line

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Life is busy. Balance is a challenge. Time and attention are valuable and limited.

Often we wonder how some people spread themselves thin but get it done.

Answer – Organisation.  And with technology these days it should be easier than ever.

I consider myself to be well organised. But it doesn’t mean that can’t be better. And I reckon there’s 6 things we can all do to keep calm and not be juggling like crazy.

  1. Empty the Brain – keep the brain for thinking and strategizing, rather than remembering. The old fashioned To Do list. This allows you to focus on what’s in front of you. But make sure it’s all in one place, not scattered all over the joint on scraps of paper and post it notes. Use an app that syncs between your computer, phone and tablet.
  2. Your Meeting is in … - use the reminders and alarms that are built into your Calendar, and for your To Do list assign it a block of time and make it not negotiable.
  3. Filter – the sheer volume of email, social media alerts, text messages, instant messages, etc take so much time. You’re overloaded with information. So filter it. Handle this in batches rather than continually on the fly. Use the rules in Outlook or Gmail to sort and separate.
  4. Don’t Let Perfect Get in the Way of Better – if you try and be a perfectionist you’ll never get anything done and go round the twist trying. Pick an option, make a decision and live with it. People will appreciate that it not exact but at least it’s progress.
  5. Change, Come On In – they day won’t go exactly as planned. But that shouldn’t throw you into a tizz. Adapt and be adaptable. There’ll be moment when you need to dump what’s in your head and go again. Keep a notebook handy for new ideas.
  6. Focus Retreat – have somewhere you can go to that you can focus and think and strategize. And that’s not your work desk. It’s a place where the distractions are removed. Just you, a notebook or tablet and your brain.

Plan, and you can keep cool and accomplish great things.

Sometimes it helps to have a professional look at your business from a different perspective, get in touch to speak with the Clifton team.

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