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Don't sprint through life

Don't Sprint Through Life

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People who know me know I enjoy my running.  Long distance running at that.  10km runs are like a casual stroll, and half marathons are when it starts to get serious.  

City 2 Surf is a nice 14km hit out.  And I've just started my program to tackle Canberra Marathon (again) in early April 2012.

Please, however, don't mistake me for some great athlete.  For me it is a challenge of my body and to my mind.  There is nothing like overcoming that last 8 or so km through the mind convincing the body it doesn't hurt that much.

One of the aspects of distance running that works for me is being able to clear my head and relax whilst just putting one foot after the other. It lets me take in my surrounds and appreciate my family, where I live, who I get to do with business with, and all the other benefits that come with life in Australia.  I can plan and ponder; postulate and premeditate; practice and pontificate.  And its amazing how many people I see that then make a point of telling me they saw me out running.

It makes me realise that I don't want to make life a sprint; I don't want to miss out on the scenery and flowers that I pass.  There are heaps of chances and opportunities to engage that Id miss if I just went whizzing past.  As much as the training is to achieve a goal, the journey matters too.

As we close off 2011 and move into 2012, have a real hard think about where you're heading, what you want to achieve and who you're going to do all that with.

Remember the journey.  It'll make arriving at the destination sweeter.


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