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CrossFitI'm an avid Crossfitter, the intensive functional fitness regime (

Some would say obsessive.

But a big part of what CrossFit is about is Community, and on the weekend while competing at Survival of the Fittest 3 in Nowra I really saw that at work.

It started on Friday afternoon when people turned out to get the facility all ready for a big day Saturday.

And then once all the competitions had finished, how athletes stayed on to help pack the whole show up again.

But it was one particular instance in the middle that hit Community home to me.

A competitor was struggling to lift a 150 pound atlas ball, to then walk 10 meters with it.  As he was giving it his best, competitors who had no idea who this guy was came from where they were sitting in tents and warming up to cheer him on and in their loudest voices encourage him to lift that ball and go.  And he did.  The smile on his face for achieving that was exceptional.

Would he have done it without the cheering and encouragement? Possibly.

Did it make a difference? Absolutely!!

Thats a really specific example of Community at work.  What are you doing to be out of your cocoon and part of a wider Community?


Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash


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