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From Trash to Smash

From Trash to Smash

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If you're a start-up or considering one, don't think its going to be all sweet from the get go.

For every business that shoots to the top theres a heap on the scrap pile below. 

And of the stars there wasn't instant success; it took time, effort and try, try again persistence.

So how lame were some before they hit the big time?

Microsoft - started as an obscure piece of software for interpreting programming language

Apple - a weak computer that needed the user to build a box, and was then really only a TV

Facebook - from college students stalking each other to the world doing the same

Google - was originally just another search engine, now we don't search we Google; luckily the name was changed from BackRub!

AirBNB - was an idea that people could sleep on air beds in other peoples lounge rooms, though of as air, bed & breakfast, hence the name


These goliaths started out as minnows, but they drove on, persisted, evolved and became successful.  Every new business needs the same dedication to the task.


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