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Healthy You, Healthy Business

Guess what? It's not wrong to take a bit of "me time" to make sure you're healthy.

When in business the focus is often and strongly on the health of the business.  And the business owner neglects them-self with the usual too busy, too tired, not enough hours in the day, etc, etc. The problem is, how does an unhealthy or sickness prone person continue the growth and success of their business??

In this short video Brian and Kurt talk why the health of everyone in a business is paramount.

And when we talk about health we don't mean running 20 km a day or knocking yourself out in the gym.

It's pretty much eat well and keep active as a base line.

And out of it we believe you'll have more energy, sharper focus, increased mental strength and longevity to benefit from the business you've built.

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