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Building a Business without You

Generally in business the owner is the main person. Customers want to deal with them. Staff seek them out for guidance and answers.

And nothing happens without their express say so.

This tight rein and control, though, isn't letting team members become all they can be. The owners is short-changing them on the display of their ability.  And ultimately it can be costing you value on sale.

In this short video Kurt and Daniel talk about doing yourself out of a position and making your business more valuable.

It may be a blow to your ego, but your retirement plans will thank you.

But that won't make your enjoyment of the business any less.  In fact, it could well increase it as you're no longer the sole focus and bottleneck of development and decisions.

We often see, when valuing businesses for purchase, that one heavily reliant on the owner is less salable or valued lower than one where the growth, success and ongoing profitability is linked to the whole team more than just the owner.

So how? Watch the video.

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