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System Expiry

System Expiry

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The landscape of business software has changed dramatically in the last 3-5 years.

Online, cloud, collaborative are all terms used. Business is no longer about a big file server and everything being on site.

And there’s plenty of providers wanting your business.

So is your system out of date, on the brink or needing an overhaul? Here’s some signs that a review is needed.

  1. Office is your cornerstone
    If you’re keeping all your records, customer information, invoices, bank rec in Office then your manual system is going to fall down. Plus it’s slow, clunky and doesn’t integrate. Getting accurate and timely information is a chore.

  2. Where did my data go?
    Ever had that sinking feeling when you come in one day and all your info is gone? Maybe a virus or the computer/server/hard drive just died?
    There’s any number of ways this can happen, but the end result is your data is gone. Get rid of the hassle of swapping back-up drives.
    Systems like Xero, Office365, Google Docs give you the peace that if the hard drive goes up in smoke, plug a new computer in, log in and the data is available to download.

  3. Various versions of files
    You want everyone to have access to all files, and the latest version of all files. A bit hard to do when they’re on one computer or not syncing properly. Without a decent system you don’t have everyone on the same page.

  4. Anywhere, anytime, any device
    Stop being tied to your office or business premises, or having to cart a fragile laptop with you everywhere you go. Cloud solutions let you have access wherever you go, as long as you have an internet connection.
    Not only do you become more mobile, so does your team. And the data back-ups are taken care of for you, along with always being on the latest version, taking away the need for upgrades.

At Cliftons, we went through the process in June 2015 of cloud based systems. Yes we still have a server for redundancy purposes, but our data is secure, safe, backed up and available anywhere. And honestly, we should have done it years ago.


Don’t hold yourself back any longer. Contact Cliftons and we can share our experience.

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