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No Tax on Property Capital Gain

How to pay no tax on your Property Capital gain on sale!

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One of the complaints I get from clients is that everything they do is taxed by the government. They go to work and loose a good percentage in tax. Put money in the bank and your interest is taxed.  Buy and sell an investment property and the gain on sale is taxed!

A self managed super fund gives the member of that fund the ability to invest their superannuation monies directly into investments of their choice.  This can be cash, direct shares or commercial and residential rental properties.

One of the great things about investing in a super fund is that if you sell an asset held in that fund after the age of 55 there is a way to ensure that you do not pay any capital gains tax on the gain.

One of the changes to super within the last few years is the ability to lend money within your super fund for the purchase of a property.  This means that even if you don't have enough funds in super to purchase a property outright, you could still purchase one through your super.  It also means that you can use the funds that you have in super to purchase a property, whereas you may not have that amount of available funds outside of super.

Superannuation is a great vehicle for investing and the time to start planning for your future is now.  

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