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Who is on your bus?

Who's On Your Bus?

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A few years ago now a rather astute client told me about his business being a bus.  I looked at him with a quizzical expression, so he elaborated. 

What did he mean?  Well, let me tell you.

A business is like a bus with various seats.  The owner and entrepreneur is the driver.  They decide where the bus is going, what route it will take to get there and how fast it'll travel.  They also decide who to let on, will sometimes kick people off and may let the bus stop at different points.

I see the key as making sure that you not only have the right people on the bus to take it where you want to, but just as importantly you need to have them sitting in the right seats.  It is no point having people on the bus who don't agree with where it is going, or have no idea where it is going.

Make sure everyone on the bus understands where it is going, what direction it is going and that there may be a change of direction at some time.  If they're not "on board" with this then they shouldn't be on board the bus.

Importantly, ensure the passengers know the driver is in control.  And don't be afraid to change which bum is on which seat or to replace seat warmers with people of action.

Remember that if its YOUR BUSINESS its YOUR BUS.  You want the ride to be smooth and enjoyable.  So is your bus going the right way with the right people in the right seats?

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