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Value of service

The Value of Service

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Over the last few months I have gone through the process of putting in a pool at home.  Well, it actually started back in January when we decided to go ahead. 

And it is here my story starts ...

It has amazed me no end that there I was with my plans for what I wanted, pen ready for a contract and money in hand yet it seemed there was little interest in the pool companies even returning my call. 

 I even could list off what I wanted in detail, the site access and all but only 2 came back with quotes and only one followed up.  Guess who got the job (Narellan Pools, thanks Gordon and Anne), despite being more expensive??

From here the management of the council DA and filing process was excellent.  The job was started when it should have been and completed with little or no fuss.  When I called Gordon with any issues, even on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, he didn't fob me off and got to it straight away on the Monday.  And I was more than happy to pay every penny as soon as I got the progress claims.

Now to the bad part.

I had to arrange to get an enclosure built around the pumps and filters, and getting someone to come and measure up was no problem.  However getting the actual quote was like pulling teeth and then the job being done was unfathomably piecemeal and lacking in any professionalism at all.

Try this for size;

Friday - 2 guys turn up, they put two posts in the ground and leave.  I call them, they are coming Monday to finish.
Monday - no show, no call.  I call, they are coming Tuesday.
Tuesday - no show, no call.  Happens to run into my wife and says they will be back Thursday.
Thursday - no show, no call.  I call, they will come Friday and finish, and even work Saturday if need be.
Friday - no show, no call.
Saturday - no show, no call.

This goes on over a period of 3 weeks, with pretty much nothing happening until I call and give this turkey a rocket.  He then pretty much finishes except for 3 small pieces.  That was 3 weeks ago.  I haven't seen or heard from him.  And lucky for him he hasn't had the gall to bill me.

So, guess which contractors people hear about more?  The fantastic Gordon and Anne at Narellan Pools, or the clown doing the enclosure?  I think you know the answer, with us telling 3 times as many people of a bad experience then we do of a good one.

What this shows it the power and value of service.  Communication is a cornerstone.  Service should be your primary goal, and then a sale will come.

Are you valuing service to your customers as highly as you should?

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