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Targeting Trophy Fish

Targeting Trophy Fish

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How do you attract your ideal client or customer?

Its one of the biggest or most perplexing questions facing many business owners. Or to use a fishing analogy, landing the Trophy Fish. Following are a few of the techniques I have learned over the years.

1. Have a clear picture of your target

If you don’t know what type of fish you want, it’s hard to know where to look. In business, put some serious thought to what type of client you are looking for.

2. Study

My kids spend a lot of time at home reading through my collection of fishing and spearfishing magazines, and looking at clips on YouTube.  As a consequence, they know a lot about fish.  What they look like, where you find them and even how they taste.  As a business owner, constantly improve your knowledge by reading books or listening to experts in your field.  Get to know your target clients. Continuous improvement and development is a must.

3. Check your equipment

Trying heading out for a days fishing only to have your boat motor not start is devastating.  Even worse, hooking your target fish only to lose it at the boat due to poor gear maintenance. If you are targeting a specific type of client, ensure that you can give them the kind of product or service that will keep them happy and wanting them to use you more and more.

4. Fish where the big fish hang out

It’s no good trying to land a marlin by fishing in a lake.  Customers tend to follow similar trends.  Do your research, learn from the experience of others and then fish in the right places.  Once you have identified your ideal business client you need to target your marketing and time in areas where you may find that type of client.  Consider business chambers, network groups, industry specific trade shows, etc.

5. Persevere

Very few fishermen manage to achieve their goal catch on their first trip.  In many cases it takes months and sometimes years before the goal is achieved.  After initial success it is easer the next time.  You may have to work on getting that A-class client for years before success.  Learn from the process and have the end goal in mind.

6. Celebrate your successes

To finally land your dream fish is one of the best experiences I have had.  Cheering and high fives usually follow.  Make sure you and your team celebrate successes in your business.  Then re-focus and go after the next one.


While any kind of fishing can be enjoyable (although I am sure some would disagree) the ultimate high comes from achieving specific goals.  You can luck upon dream fish anywhere, but the best results will come from forward planning and focusing on the goal. Your business will benefit greatly from some forward planning and perseverance. 


Dream big, plan well, execute strong.
Get that Trophy Fish. And the next. And the next - success and satisfaction achieved. Contact Clifton Accountants now.

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