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Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

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A shortfall in this gap can have a significant impact on your retirement plans, forcing a re-think on your desired standard of living in retirement. Not ideal. Or worse - it may mean you cant afford to sell!!

 So what can you do?

Well, you need to start with a Business Value Gap analysis.

A what?

Business Value Gap analysis.  It starts with working out what your business value needs to be at the time of sale, how many years until you can afford to sell, and a future profit target that guarantees your desired standard of living.  Its  a fairly simple process of determining your retirement income and assets, business value (current and future) and strategies to improve business profit and wealth.

And come on now, who doesn't want to improve their business profit and wealth, regardless of how soon retirement is!!!

A value gap analysis provides business owners with piece of mind from understanding the tie between a future standard of living at retirement and business value.

So to mind the gap you've got to know the gap.  And if you don't the contact Cliftons and we'll run the process with you.

Cause if you don't mind the gap you'll get hit by the train.

Can you afford the retirement you imagine? Could it be time for a professional review? Contact us for professional business and accounting advise.


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