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Habitual Leaders - Competence

Habitual Leaders - Competence

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We generally think of competence as the ability to do something. Catch a ball, drive a car, perform CPR. Or lead.

A competent leader will leader by example, to show that they can and are willing to do what needs to be done.  They show up each day ready to get stuck in and are consistent in their approach.

A great leader doesn't sit on their laurels with what they know.  They have a desire to keep improving, keep learning and keep growing.  They always want to better themselves.

By following through on everything they say they'll do and get done, the leader gets great results.  The quality they achieve isn't an accident.  Its all by design.

And when it comes to looking at the end result of a project or assignment, the great leader generally has achieved more that they first expected. They haven't fallen short and thought "close enough".  Close enough is never good enough, and things have been made happen when it matters.


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