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Habitual Leaders - Commitment

Habitual Leaders - Commitment

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All around us every day we commit to different things. We commit to a new diet or exercise regimen (generally at New Years celebrations). We commit to a to do list.

Commit to a course of action like getting through that round-a-bout ahead of that oncoming bus to make sure we're not 3 seconds behind.

So it goes to show that each of us can be committed when we want to be.

But whats this got to do with leadership?

Well one of the 5 keys to a great leader is commitment.  And commitment starts in the heart.  Once somethings in your heart you're completely attached to it, so you make sure you follow it to the end.  You become bonded.

But its one thing to be commited.  The conviction of that commitment will attract others when you openly show that conviction.  After all, who wants to follow a supposed leader who is saying "lets head this way!" but does it only half-heartedly?  You want the whole heart in there.

And the commited leader will set goals.  Not only set them but make sure everyone knows about them, and knows that they're in there batting a thousand to achieve them.

Ultimately there'll be a price for achieving the goals.  And that price may be the leader doing themself out of a position or money or a job.  Which is interesting that a successful leader pays a price.  But they do.  And happily.

Lead without fear of succeeding.  You never know where you'll end up.

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