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Habitual Leaders - Charisma

Habitual Leaders - Charisma

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And we all know someone who we would say is charismatic. But without other qualities they're not a great leader.

But what is charisma and how does it relate to leadership?  Heres how I see it;

  • Charisma projects confidence, and this instills confidence in those being led that this person knows what they're doing.
  • Theres an inner sense of purpose, and the leader knows why they're doing what they're doing.
  • A charismatic leader engages others and engages with others.  This is through what they do, their actions, their words.
  • Goals, ideas and vision are all able to be articulated and shared.  Important here is keeping people interested and being able to share on different levels.
  • They love life and show it.  Enthusiasm is infectious; we should all cop a dose.
  • The leader shares themselves.  This means they show vulnerability where necessary and can put themselves in the position of the people being led.

In delivering accounting and business advisory services in the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands to the variety of clients we do, we've seen many people in positions of leaders. But only those who truly ARE leaders are successful.  Theres a difference between the title and the action.

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