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Habitual Leaders - Leadership

Habitual Leaders

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But I harked back to one of the first managers I dealt with many years ago, a man named Warren McLennan. He was a gentle man who, despite his position in the company, mixed extremely well with everyone.

He had the ability to get people behind him as he moved the business forward, and would show the way rather than just point.  

He had an amazing ability to see the core of a problem and would roll up his sleeves and get dirty to get things done.  I learned so much from Warren that Im grateful for and still remember clearly today. He was a great leader.

So what is it then that makes a good leader?

Well as I see it  there are five things that make a good leader, which I'll list here. You'll have to come back for my follow up blogs to get more detail.

In no particular order;

  • charisma
  • commitment
  • communication
  • competence
  • focus

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