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Time to Spring clean

Spring Time = Spring Clean

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

Well spring has sprung here on the South Coast of NSW.  The days are beautiful and warm, weekends are great for swimming and relaxing outside, and all the lawns and flowers are perking up.

So the usual thing to do is start and have that clean up and clean out of your house, garage and shed, getting rid of the accumulated "stuff" that you really don't need.  And with the warmer weather many people are starting to get rid of the extra layer that has accumulated around their middle over the cooler months.

While we're concentrating on our homes and storage and bodies, what about our businesses?

Maybe its time to get rid of some stuff that is cluttering up your business.  And Im not just talking about boxes here and there either.

  • Do you need to replace or update some furniture?
  • Is your bank being unreasonable and making it difficult to progress forward?
  • Should you sack that time-sucking client or customer?
  • Is the team you have right for the future?
  • What about your business partner/s?

 Its your business and its your call.  So when are you going to spring into action?

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