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Growing or growning?

Growing or Groaning? Its your choice

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I heard a funny story from my friend Rob Nixon.  It went like this...he took the kids to a movie.

On the way out 2 of the 3 kids were mucking around in this tiny school bus.

In the usual Rob way he said ‘give me a go’ and when he go into it he realised…well – you get the idea – he had grown to big for the school bus.  What was funnier was the picture of Rob squished into the bus.


We all grow by physical size but are you growing your intellect, your language, your attitude?


I am a big believer in personal and business development growth.  I have been since my school and university days. The people I associate with are growing and developing.  Our clients are growing and developing.  The most successful people on the planet are growing and developing.

Early on in my learning career I heard the saying “in the future, you will become the same person you are today other than the material you absorb and the people you associate with”.

Some things you hear you have heard before.  If it is still a good idea and it has not yet been implemented then it is still new. And the only thing stopping you from implementing is you (and that bit of stuff between your ears).

In the words of Michael Sheargold “The power of an idea is in its implementation”.

Are you growing and developing or you groaning and moaning – its your choice! 

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