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Technology: a threat or an opportunity?

Technology: a threat or an opportunity?

Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes

It depends who you ask and what lens they are looking through....

In our blog post ‘Are You Automating Your Business?’ we highlighted the increased risk of new competitors emerging from previously unlikely areas as a result of leveraging technology.

Have your business in the cloud

Have your business in the cloud, not your head…

Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes

The idea of shifting elements of your business processes in the cloud is not a new concept.

Shoot and Reload

Shoot and Reload

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

Ive just finished reading Killing Fairfax. A very interesting chronicle of the demise of Fairfax; especially so for someone who grew up and got his professional start in print media, with a bit of ink still running in his veins.

And it has some excellent lessons for businesses that face pressures due to change.

Succeeding in Tough Times

Succeeding in Tough Times

Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes

For business owners, running a successful business is often challenging enough, but succeeding in business in the current tough times for many has become a real nightmare.

However, there is good news!

Grow Online

Growing Online

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

More and more businesses are thriving through clever online marketing.

And many businesses push into this strategy without getting the first things right.

Online marketing is generally a cost-effective way of increasing your exposure and expanding your customer reach.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Reading time: 1 minute

Building and growing a business doesn't happen overnight - it takes hard work, and a lot of it.

You'll get some things right and some things wrong - but you'll learn a lot from what happens.

Time to Spring clean

Spring Time = Spring Clean

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

Well spring has sprung here on the South Coast of NSW.  The days are beautiful and warm, weekends are great for swimming and relaxing outside, and all the lawns and flowers are perking up.

Growing or growning?

Growing or Groaning? Its your choice

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

I heard a funny story from my friend Rob Nixon.  It went like this...he took the kids to a movie.

On the way out 2 of the 3 kids were mucking around in this tiny school bus.

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