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Failure - the secret to success

Failure - The secret to success

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I recently read someone talking about failure being the secret to success. This interested me and as I thought about it more I was both challenged and encouraged.

Only by trial and error do we push the boundaries and achieve great things in life, and therefore become successful people.

I am challenged by the question I then need to ask myself. When was the last time I didn't try something because of fear of failure? Am I limiting myself and those around be because of a fear of failure?

I was encouraged with the thought that when I look back on my failures, they have been steps in getting myself where I am today, and only through failure will I be successful in moving forward in the future.

The next step in my line of thinking is how can I encourage those around me to be successful.  If I teach my kids that failure is terrible, they will never grow to their full potential.  I need to encourage them to get back up and try again when they do fail.

It is also important to see where we went wrong and learn from our mistakes, however all too often we tend to give up and miss the opportunity to grow.

We need to also encourage our work colleagues in this area.  If we come down too harsh on failures we will be sending a message that it is not ok to push into new areas.

I am not going to plan to fail, but I am not going to let the risk of failure stop me from being the best I can be!



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