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Batting No.3

Whos Batting at No 3?

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Its not always who's first on the list that matters. Look at cricket for example.

The start of spring brings warmer weather and the start of the cricket season.

Whether you like cricket or not, its hard to ignore as Australia’s number one summer sport. Its a bit like doing your tax; businesses either look forward to this time of year or try to ignore it for as long as possible.

The No 3 batsman is critical to success.  And as a business owner, using your accountant for the right purposes is extremely important.

Traditionally businesses have used accountants to simply "keep score" and tell them how they went after the game (year).

The smarter businesses have their accountants not sitting on the sidelines but being part of the team. They have them batting at No.3. They have them batting at first drop.

Most accountants deal with hundreds of businesses from different industries and have an inside knowledge on what works well. They usually run a business themselves, understand cashflow problems, know common growth strategies and can give advice on processes to make your business more efficient.

The hard part is tapping into this knowledge from of accountant and feeding it in to your business at the right time.

The best way to do this is having regular meetings/conversations with your accountant

Have you thought about having quarterly or monthly meetings with your accountant to help you through a “tough spell” in your business?

Don’t get caught out and make sure your accountant is being utilised to best serve your business.


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