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Up, Up in The Cloud

Up, Up in The Cloud

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Cloud storage and moving away from file servers has been a growing trend.

With Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and many more, some individuals and businesses alike have embraced having their data and file stored for them and available anywhere.

From a business perspective though, the transition can be a nightmare.  So how do you avoid this?  I'll give you my experience.

In late June 2015 at Cliftons  we changed all our systems from server to cloud based.  It was a huge move which from our discussion with other firms could have been disastrous.

But it went really smoothly.

I have not doubt it was because of one thing - planning.

Starting from analysing system options and making the best choice for our business, which storage provider to use and engaging with our IT consultants ( for the implementation.

Then theres internet sped and reliability, which is an absolute cornerstone of the process.  Without getting this key factor right the delays and frustration it will cause you and your business are far greater than you might think.

But to my mind the most important planning aspect was team engagement.  If our team didn't understand the why and how, weren't kept abreast of where the process was at and what it would mean, and didn't buy into the benefits, then disaster loomed.  The Cliftons team grabbed it gladly and ran.

So I cant stress enough to plan , plan, plan, and delay the implementation until all the ducks are in a row.

And if you'd like to talk through how we handled the change, please benefit from our experience and don't hesitate to Contact Cliftons.

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