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Take Leave and Recharge

Take Leave and Recharge

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

Its almost Christmas again, and with the ensuing busyness we might forget to properly wind down.

For years I was guilty of not taking proper holidays. Id always figured that with the business closing for about 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year, then 6 other public holidays during the year, that was enough.

 But is it really? And what about not really getting away but being in constant contact with "the office"?

I've always realised that escaping from work, even whilst on holidays, isn't easy. However I didn't practice it. But taking the time to switch off is vital for longevity.

That doesn't mean just waltzing out on the last day without preparation though, or just going whenever you feel like it.

Consider these tips;

  • Timing - work out the best and worst periods to be away considering seasonality and customer requirements;
  • Delegation - make sure others have your back for different tasks that have to be done, or for ongoing projects;
  • Preparation - finish what you can, update the team on what you cant, and have plans for when you get back;
  • Tune out - avoid the phone and computer, have someone at the office monitor your email, or keep it succinct if you have to.

The reality is the hammock or ski field should be getting more attention than the screen and keyboard. Its in your hands.


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