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Take a Break

Take a Break before You Break

Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes

Many a business owner thinks they cant take a holiday.  Research shows this to be up to 30%.

But if employees can take holidays (with the leave loading) why do owners not think they can?

I'll put my hand up and say I was one of those people who thought the public holidays were enough.  It took a whole but I finally realised that a proper holiday was important for myself and the business.

So why should you do it too?

  • Perspective - you can get back and see the big picture better when you're not in the operational mire.
  • Reset - Long periods without a break lead to exhaustion and stress, as it builds over time; a break lets you reset the dial.
  • Job or Business - if you think you cant take a break because no-one can replace you then you've likely bought a job not a business.
  • Ego - a bit like the job or business scenario, you think no-one can replace you.  I was once told the Rookwood Cemetery is full of indispensable people.
  • Example - showing your team that life isn't entirely wrapped up in the business models a healthy balance to them.
  • Whenever - theres never a good time for a holiday but planning makes it possible.
  • Investment - the holiday break should be viewed as an investment in yourself for the future.

What big error do you need to avoid? Don't take or go near the laptop or phone!!  Make the break a complete disconnection.

Life is bigger and better than being all about business. Remember, no-one on their death bed said they wished they'd worked more.

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