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Service Please!

Service Please!

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Service is a part of every business that customers and clients seem to either rave or rant about.  Mainly when it comes to retail and food, but it certainly goes much broader than that.

How important is it?  I say much more important than you might think!

Personally I'll eat at, shop at or go to businesses that give great service, regardless of whether I'm paying more.  In a lot of cases what I'm buying isn't just available at the one place.  So what keeps me going back is the service I get.

Too often we get focussed on what we're selling, believing that its all about the product.  But really what people look for is an experience.  Why is it we like to stay at top class 5-star hotels when wed sleep just as well at a 2-star jobbie?

I was chatting with a car dealer not long ago and we were talking about how his business is going.  I was stoked that he was raving about it.  So I asked why.  And the answer was service.  They have a dedicated program of talking to their customers throughout the process of buying, owning, maintaining, selling and then again buying their cars.  He knows that customers can buy the exact same car, sometimes cheaper, in surrounding areas.  But they keep coming back because of the service they provide.  Number 2 rural dealer of a particular brand WORLDWIDE is testament to that.

So remember why customers keep coming back, or why they stopped.  

Secret shop your business.  Pay attention to the experience.  And think, how do I like to be treated?

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