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Self discipline is the ability to motivate yourself to do what needs to be done despite what else is happening around you!

I regularly meet with business owners who want us as accountants to wave a magic wand over their business in order for that business to be successful.

While we can give ideas and advice, ultimately the success or failure of a business will often come down to the self discipline of the business owner.

A good thing for everyone in business to do is to make a list of all the things that you are doing in the business.  Add to that list anything that you think you should be doing to benefit the business.  From this list, circle the 3 most valuable activities to the growth or success of your business.

These should be your 1st priority.  If the other things on the list are keeping you from the most important 3 things, then they need to be delegated to someone else, to ensure you have the time to do what is important.

This is where self discipline comes in.  You then need to be disciplined enough to ensure that you continually keep these things as the priority.  If you do this your business can truly rise to its potential.

My wife will tell anyone who asks that my favourite saying is "The only person you can change is yourself".  Being self disciplined is a positive change for everyone to try to bring about!

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