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Passing it on

Passing it on

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My Brother Shane just wrote a blog on the spirituality of surfing. It is definitely worth a read...

and here's why...

As I read Shanes thoughts I was challenged to look at my own life and also my responsibility to pass on the baton to my children.

With Shanes words still going around in my mind, I set my alarm for 4.45am this morning and prodded the boys awake to go for a surf.  They were awake and dressed in a wink and waiting for me in the car.

As I was trying to rub the sleep from my eyes and drive at the same time, the boys were in the back chatting excitedly about what moves they were going to pull.

The water was fresh but pleasant.  Joel and Bryce both caught a few waves.  As I pushed them onto the waves and saw them stand up and then ride toward the shore I felt a rush of joy equivalent to pulling into a Barrel on my own board. 

In a couple of years time I will be able to sit out there with them on my own board and we will catch waves together. A few years later they will want me to drop them off with their mates at the heaviest breaks they can find, while Troy and I find somewhere less intense to cruise and enjoy the oceans delights.

Bryce and Kurt after a surf at Austinmeer.

A few years later they will be having their own children and can pass on the baton to my grandchildren.

Bryce and Kurt after a surf at Austinmeer.


Coming into Christmas most people have some time away from work.  If you have children remember to pass on your passion to them It may not be surfing. You might be passionate about working on cars, motorbikes, fishing, water skiing, embroidery. 

Whatever it is, take the time over these Christmas period to nurture the next generation. In doing so you can start life long passions, as well as build memories that your children will carry throughout their lives.

Troy, Bryce, Kurt & Jeremy about to hit the waves under the watchful eye of Shane


Cover Photo by Paul Larkin on Unsplash

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