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Nightmare Competitors

Nightmare Competitors

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Business today can be tough.
Check that. Business today IS tough.

With innovation happening in almost every industry, many business owners are looking at lower returns from their traditional business model.

  • Price Pressure
  • Non-local Competitors
  • Rising Costs

This leaves some of us awake at night, wondering what the future holds.

As business leaders, we have a choice to make.  We can either play the victim card and continue to do the same thing as we have always done, or we can look to adapt.

I recently attended a lunch seminar presented by Mat Lock, co-founder of Rocking the Ship. Mat challenged business owners to do an honest appraisal of where their business is today.  He then spoke about the idea of creating your own nightmare competitor, by using customer-centric thinking.

If you can imagine what kind of competitor would have a devastating effect on your current business, you will find yourself able to steer your business on a new course.  If you can become that nightmare competitor you will be protecting your business and move forward to a successful future.

The question on your mind should be ‘to disrupt or be disrupted?’.

The exciting thing about the current environment is that many of your competitors will continue with business as normal.  Now is an ideal time to get ahead of the curve and be an industry shaper.

I strongly encourage any business leader who wants a clear path to future development of their business model to order a copy of the book “Rocking the Ship”.


Take control; be the Nightmare.
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