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Mind power

Mind power

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The mind is a powerful thing!  It has been said that "whether you think you can or you think you cannot you'll be right!"

I cannot control the weather.  As much as I try, I have absolutely no control over whether or not it will rain.  I cannot control my football team.  If i could affect the performances, the Dragons would be playing the Grand Final this weekend. I cannot even control my children.

The only thing I have complete control over is my own thinking and the way I respond to the challenges life throws me.

My oldest brother Shane knows more than most people that life isn't always easy.  Nearly 12 months ago Shane broke his neck and has been left as an incomplete quadriplegic.  Shane cannot undo what has happened to him.  However Shane can control his thinking and how he will live his life in response to what has happened!

Shane is back working as a bible college lecturer.  This summer he is planning on getting back on a surfboard and has also looked into sailing!  What an inspiration he is.

Whenever I go to visit Shane, I come away feeling better than when I arrived.


Because Shane has made the decision to make the most out of life and see what he can accomplish. This is not to say that Shanes life is all roses, far from it!  However Shane is making the most of his situation using his mind power.

When I think about this it causes me to look at myself. How do I respond to the challenges that come my way?  Do I think positive or negatively about my life?  Do I believe I am a successful person?

Brian Kahlefeldt in his book 90 minutes to success1 says that "success in most things in life is the result of mental attitude rather than Mental Capacity"

I will continue to focus on having the right mental attitude as the only sure thing I can control in my life!

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