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Make-Up and Mascara

Make-Up and Mascara

Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes

When was the last time that you took a critical look at you business premises?

I suspect the answer, unless you're in a franchised business or a shopping centre, is never.

So what do your customers think when they come to buy from you or make use of your services??

There are times when you just need to take a breath, spend some money and improve how your business looks.  What your customers and clients see and experience when they come to your business needs to be a reflection of what and how you promote yourself.  If you are promoting the business as being at the forefront of the industry but the building looks like a Cold War relic, then which are they to believe.  If you say you are customer focused but there is no where to sit nor a cup of coffee offered then should they believe the advertising or the experience.

Our Bomaderry office is built from classic red brick, that over time started showing some age.  So we had it rendered and put up new signage, and the positive comments about the appearance really made it worthwhile, and added a bit more pride to our team.  It stands out in a positive way.  And it didn't cost the earth.

Here's a tip...

Walk out of your business and go for a drive.

Go to a couple of your competitors and have a look at their premises.  Make note of what you as a customer would notice.  Look at both the good and the bad.

Now go back to your premises, and approach it as if it is the first time you have been there.

What does the building look like?  Is it dirty, daggy, blown lights, cobwebs?  Or is it in great condition, clean and representative of how you sell the business?

Now go inside. Clean and vacuumed?  Stock and files put away neatly?  Team members smiling and well dressed?  Or stuff everywhere, more cobwebs and lights blown, everyone looking like their dog just died?

How did the team respond when the door opened?  Excited that they have someone to serve and help, or cranky like you're an interruption to their Facebook session?

It all matters, and if you think it doesn't then you're kidding yourself.  Price and product often come behind the experience and service.

Be critical because you only get to make a first impression once.  And then do something about it.  Hire a cleaner for a thorough once over and then to maintain it weekly or fortnightly.  Tidy up across the board.  Your customers will get a better experience and you'll wear your chest a bit prouder.

Remember - even supermodels use a bit of blush and mascara, so whats stopping you using a bit of spit and polish?


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