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Leadership vs Management

Leadership vs Management

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I've been going on a bit lately in my blogs about leadership. And I'd planned on making the one on Focus the final in the series.

Then it occurred to me that we often think of leadership and management as being the same thing.

But they're not.

A great leader doesn't make a great manager and vice-versa.

Heres a comparison between a leader and a manager;



* create vision

* establish goals

* clarify big picture

* set time tables

* set strategy

* allocate resources

* communicate goals

* provide structure

* seek commitment

* hire and fire

* build teams

* establish systems & processes

* energise

* remunerate & incentivise

* empower

* generate solutions

* sprinkle magic dust

* fix mistakes

Its a bit like macro and micro. The leader shows where to go and the manager follows through it getting done.

Finally, I'll finish on the habits of a leader.

  1. has clarity of vision
  2. has a healthy discontent for the present
  3. maintains high standards of excellence
  4. has a sense of urgency
  5. has a strong commitment to implement
  6. can eliminate distractions
  7. builds a strong team

Every business needs leaders and managers. All one or the other doesn't work. Theres a place for each.


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