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focus - life lessons and spearfishing

Focus - Life Lessons from Spearfishing

Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes

As I swim along the surface of the ocean I notice a school of bait fish flash sideways, spooked by an unseen predator.

I take a few slow deep breaths and sink below the surface, speargun tucked close to my body heading towards the bottom.

I level out and as I do I see them. 15 - 20 good sized yellowtail kingfish.

The heart rate increases and I start to select my target.  As I stretch my arm to line up a good shot I see out of my peripheral vision what looks like a bigger fish.  Tempted I change my aim before seeing another more solid fish once again adjusting the shot.  By this time however the school is getting twitchy and sense my intent.

My new chosen target moves out of range before a shot can be taken, and I hurriedly choose another fish.  The whole school is now moving quickly & I take a rushed shot, finding nothing but water. The old saying if you chase 2 fish both will escape has never been truer. In spearfishing I have had to learn the hard way the value of focusing on my goal.

The result of more focus on an individual fish!


Focus is vital for success. If you have set goals that you would like to achieve, you will need to focus on those goals.  This sort of focus takes discipline.  You should constantly re-focus to ensure you are still heading in the right direction.

If you want to be more successful you should focus most of your time on your strengths rather than focusing on improving your weaknesses.  As a guide it is suggested that you spend 80% of your energy and resources into improving your strengths.  15% should be put into new skills and only 5% working on your weaknesses.  Many people put a lot of time and effort into trying to improve their weaknesses, when they should be playing to their strengths.


 Some of the wins of the day!

Some of the most successful people I have met and read about have laser like focus on where they are headed.

The 1st step is to set a goal (business or personal) and then focus on achieving that goal by playing to your strengths. As in spearfishing, the results of achieving your goals are very rewarding!

Cover Photo by Mohamed Ahzam on Unsplash

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