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customer service is it a dying art?

Customer Service - A Dying Art

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A couple of weeks ago I went to Queenstown in New Zealand for a week, mainly to celebrate my birthday somewhere different. And what a great place it is.  

Lots to do (bungy jumping was a must) and some of the most beautiful scenery.

Whether you want to revel in the adventure element or take in the surroundings including Arrowtown, Glenorchy and Milford Sound, it really is a great place.

Definitely a must-go-back-to locale.

And being very much a tourist area the business operators know that for the continued health, survival and growth of the area they and their staff have to be on the ball with their service.  And to be honest they don't disappoint.  Without exception the service was spot on; available without being intrusive; conversational but not your sudden long-lost best friend.

So why then do so many businesses in Australia, and I guess I really do point the finger at retailers here, not have a similar attitude?  Queenstown, because of its activities and landscape, will be a location for holidayers so will do well.  But with a struggling retail market under threat from big business and online sales where margins are ever dwindling, the local retailer cant in my opinion afford to alienate customers with a slack attitude and treating customers like an imposition.  There have been many times where I've walked into a business to find the staffer on the phone, but unwilling to interrupt or cut short their call to at least enquire about my needs.  So guess what?  I walk out and go elsewhere, regardless of price.

We're all in the customer service business.

And No Service = No Customers = No Business.  Is that what you really want?

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