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Getting Naked - a book review


Relax, this isn't the life of a nudist.

I have however just finished reading a fantastic book 'Getting Naked' written by Patrick Lencioni.

When my business partner Brian suggested I read it, I looked at the title and enthusiastically dived right in.  Much to my wife’s relief I didn’t come away with a new philosophy on how to dress. However I was challenged by the insights on how to build stronger relationships, both at a personal and a business level.

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Targeting Trophy Fish


How do you attract your ideal client or customer?

It's one of the biggest or most perplexing questions facing many business owners. Or to use a fishing analogy, landing the Trophy Fish.  Following are a few of the techniques I have learned over the years.

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Becoming a Nightmare Competitor


Your Nightmare Competitor is coming.
What are you doing about it?

In a previous blog I brought up the concept of nightmare competitors from a book I was reading called 'Rocking The Ship' (Amazon best-seller, available here). You can read that blog here.

I recently undertook a masterclass with the co-author, Mat Lock, which has helped me to implement the ideas raised in my own business.

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Energy Vampires


Does it feel like there's people just sucking the life out of you?

Earlier this year I was at a business seminar with one of the key note speakers being a Hindu priest and international speaker named Dandapani.  I was dubious as what I would get from him, but he was a thought provoking speaker in many ways.

One interesting idea was looking at energy management in our lives.  Personal energy is a finite resource, like money and we need to be wise in choosing where we spend that energy.  Where your awareness goes, energy flows.

In order to manage the flow of energy we need to identify and deal with Energy Vampires in our lives.

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Nightmare Competitors


Business today can be tough.
Check that. Business today IS tough.

With innovation happening in almost every industry, many business owners are looking at lower returns from their traditional business model.

  • Price Pressure
  • Non-local Competitors
  • Rising Costs

This leaves some of us awake at night, wondering what the future holds.

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Succeeding in Tough Times


For business owners, running a successful business is often challenging enough, but succeeding in business in the current tough times for many has become a real nightmare.

However, there is good news!

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Selling a Business


One of the questions that we get from business owners is "if I am going to sell my business, do I sell the shares in my company, or do I sell the business and keep the company?"

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No more wallet full of receipts!

No more wallet full of receipts!

This morning on my way to work I stopped at the local petrol station to fill up. I paid with my work Visa card and was handed my receipt. 

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