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Energy Vampires


Does it feel like there's people just sucking the life out of you?

Earlier this year I was at a business seminar with one of the key note speakers being a Hindu priest and international speaker named Dandapani.  I was dubious as what I would get from him, but he was a thought provoking speaker in many ways.

One interesting idea was looking at energy management in our lives.  Personal energy is a finite resource, like money and we need to be wise in choosing where we spend that energy.  Where your awareness goes, energy flows.

In order to manage the flow of energy we need to identify and deal with Energy Vampires in our lives.

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Nightmare Competitors


Business today can be tough.
Check that. Business today IS tough.

With innovation happening in almost every industry, many business owners are looking at lower returns from their traditional business model.

  • Price Pressure
  • Non-local Competitors
  • Rising Costs

This leaves some of us awake at night, wondering what the future holds.

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Succeeding in Tough Times

b2ap3_thumbnail_Tough-Times-Ahead.jpgFor business owners, running a successful business is often challenging enough, but succeeding in business in the current tough times for many has become a real nightmare.

However, there is good news!


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Being a parent is a big responsability. As a dad I have a huge influence on my childrens life. I am a leader, whether I like it or not. From me my children learn boundaries. They learn how to treat their spouse.

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No more wallet full of receipts!

No more wallet full of receipts!

This morning on my way to work I stopped at the local petrol station to fill up.  I paid with my work Visa card and was handed my receipt. 

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How to pay no tax on your Property Capital gain on sale!

How to pay no tax on your Property Capital gain on sale!


One of the complaints I get from clients is that everything they do is taxed by the government.  They go to work and loose a good percentage in tax.  Put money in the bank and your interest is taxed.  buy and sell an investment property and the gain on sale is taxed!

A self managed super fund gives the member of that fund the ability to invest their superannuation monies directly into investments of their choice.  This can be cash, direct shares or commercial and residential rental properties.

One of the great things about investing in a super fund is that if you sell an asset held in that fund after the age of 55 there is a way to ensure that you do not pay any capital gains tax on the gain.

One of the changes to super within the last few years is the ability to lend money within your super fund for the purchase of a property.  This means that even if you don't have enough funds in super to purchase a property outright, you could still purchase one through your super.  It also means that you can use the funds that you have in super to purchase a property, whereas you may not have that amount of available funds outside of super.

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Increase your business value without you!

As business owners we often want to feel essential to the success of our business.  Some common quotes from business owners are:

“My Customers are totally loyal to me”

“I am the face of my business”

“My clients will only deal with me personally”

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Xero – The future of accounting software

XeroIf you're in business, you should be aware of the changing nature of accounting software.  Historically the most common business accounting software for small business was MYOB or Quicken.  However the past few years has seen a seismic shift to Cloud accounting.

Enter Xero.

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