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Rule the Comeback


Everyone loves a good comeback story, but very few happen without brutal truths and planning.

Every business has its challenges. To sit here and tell you that nothing will go wrong would be flat out lying to you. The reality is every business faces challenges, particularly financial challenges, at some point. It might be losing your biggest client, having a slower year, or perhaps going through a breakup in a partnership.

Want to Rule the Comeback? Don’t put your head in the sand!

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Start at The End


I often wonder when talking to business people what their plan is on how to exit the business in future.

And generally when asked the answer is a shrug of the shoulders and the iconic Aussie response “Dunno”.

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Take Leave and Recharge


It's almost Christmas again, and with the ensuing busyness we might forget to properly wind down.

For years I was guilty of not taking proper holidays. I'd always figured that with the business closing for about 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year, then 6 other public holidays during the year, that was enough.

But is it really? And what about not really getting away but being in constant contact with "the office"?

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A Successful Business


Cash flow or profit? Brand recognition or longevity?

What determines if a business is successful or not has many elements, that of themselves don't make a business successful.

But successful business tend to exhibit 5 characteristics.

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Warning Signs


Bankruptcy and corporate collapses were the highest ever recorded in Australia in 2012, with only 5% ever paying a dividend. On top of this many more businesses and individuals entered formal debt arrangements.

So what are the typical warning signs?

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Taxing the Family Home


It's pretty much a standard understanding that you don't get taxed on the sale of your family home; the "main residence exemption" takes care of that.

Recent cases and ATO activity might call that into question though.

So how sure are you that you'll withstand a review by the ATO?

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Simplify Your Life - 60 Ways


We should all keep life simple. The old KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Silly) doesn't seem to get much of a run any more.

I came across a great list for exactly this.

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Shoot and Reload


I've just finished reading Killing Fairfax. A very interesting chronicle of the demise of Fairfax; especially so for someone who grew up and got his professional start in print media, with a bit of ink still running in his veins.

And it has some excellent lessons for businesses that face pressures due to change.

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