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Rule the Comeback


Everyone loves a good comeback story, but very few happen without brutal truths and planning.

Every business has its challenges. To sit here and tell you that nothing will go wrong would be flat out lying to you. The reality is every business faces challenges, particularly financial challenges, at some point. It might be losing your biggest client, having a slower year, or perhaps going through a breakup in a partnership.

Want to Rule the Comeback? Don’t put your head in the sand!

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Tradies Guide - Employee or Contractor


Employee or Contractor - the ongoing debate that is had virtually daily in the building industry.

Let's face it - the ATO and the government don’t like individual contractors.
The reason?
They are looking after worker rights which is totally fair and reasonable. I am pretty sure every business would be engaging contractors rather that employees if they could - don’t have to pay super; don’t have to withhold and remit tax; pass on more responsibility to them (share the risk); get rid of them at any time.

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Start at The End


I often wonder when talking to business people what their plan is on how to exit the business in future.

And generally when asked the answer is a shrug of the shoulders and the iconic Aussie response “Dunno”.

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Energy Vampires


Does it feel like there's people just sucking the life out of you?

Earlier this year I was at a business seminar with one of the key note speakers being a Hindu priest and international speaker named Dandapani.  I was dubious as what I would get from him, but he was a thought provoking speaker in many ways.

One interesting idea was looking at energy management in our lives.  Personal energy is a finite resource, like money and we need to be wise in choosing where we spend that energy.  Where your awareness goes, energy flows.

In order to manage the flow of energy we need to identify and deal with Energy Vampires in our lives.

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Dodgy Developers Dulled


It seems that dodgy developers and builders have ruined it for all.

And as such the way GST on construction is dealt with is changing.

Developers and builders are likely to experience tougher days ahead as cash flow starts to get tougher, with new GST laws to start on 1 July 2018 and a weakening confidence in the property sector.

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Who's Batting at No 3?


It's not always who's first on the list that matters.  Look at cricket for example.

The start of spring brings warmer weather and the start of the cricket season.

Whether you like cricket or not, it's hard to ignore as Australia’s number one summer sport.  It's a bit like doing your tax; businesses either look forward to this time of year or try to ignore it for as long as possible.

The No 3 batsman is critical to success.  And as a business owner, using your accountant for the right purposes is extremely important.

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Nightmare Competitors


Business today can be tough.
Check that. Business today IS tough.

With innovation happening in almost every industry, many business owners are looking at lower returns from their traditional business model.

  • Price Pressure
  • Non-local Competitors
  • Rising Costs

This leaves some of us awake at night, wondering what the future holds.

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A Successful Business


Cash flow or profit? Brand recognition or longevity?

What determines if a business is successful or not has many elements, that of themselves don't make a business successful.

But successful business tend to exhibit 5 characteristics.

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