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Look and Learn is a place for you to watch educational and topical videos...

Land Tax is one of those state government taxes that gets people all riled up. But it's also a bit misunderstood.

Because no-one likes paying tax, another one from the state government seems unfair.  Why is it that people who have been able to build wealth, pay their share of tax and then invest in property are subject to further tax?  And why do different entities get different land tax thresholds?

In this short video Kurt and Daniel unpack Land Tax to give a better understanding of how it works.

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Guess what? It's not wrong to take a bit of "me time" to make sure you're healthy.

When in business the focus is often and strongly on the health of the business.  And the business owner neglects them-self with the usual too busy, too tired, not enough hours in the day, etc, etc.  The problem is, how does an unhealthy or sickness prone person continue the growth and success of their business??

In this short video Brian and Kurt talk why the health of everyone in a business is paramount.

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In business and wish you had something that cash flowed out the bottom of in a good way?

The good news is that every business does, and it's called The Business Funnel.

In this short video Brian and Kurt talk about getting potential customers into the top and cash out the bottom.

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Too many business people don't understand the numbers and reports they get from their accountant.

But why? If you don't understand what the numbers are saying you might be missing key pointers and information about your future success.

In this short video Brian and Kurt talk why it's important to not stop looking once you've checked over the profit & loss.

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Generally in business the owner is the main person. Customers want to deal with them.  Staff seek them out for guidance and answers.

And nothing happens without their express say so.

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Every business has a team, and a team leader. Generally the owner.

As owners though, tight rein and control is often held, not letting team members become all they can be. And this can be to the detriment of business growth and success.  But it's not intentional.

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Staff can make or break a business.

And how the business owner see them, as an asset or a liability, goes a long way to the make or break.

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