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How We Help

Each business and individual is at a different place in their growth and evolution.  So to take a one size fits all approach to providing accounting and business advisory services would do all a disservice.

At Cliftons we've asked the question of what people are looking for when they come to our website and seek our advice.  And we've seperated it like this;

My Business

Cliftons offer advice on may aspects of business.  From starting up including structure, insurances and bookkeeping to exiting, which can include advice on valuations, asking price, capital gains tax and superannuation structuring.

We gladly and expertly advise all size of business, from the humble home or trade based to large retail operations with 40 plus staff.  It gives us great pleasure to take up the trusted advisor role with businesses to see them be the best they can.

My Business Growth

Businesses grow for many reasons.  It can be driven by customer demand or through acquisition, a business can strategically grow by targeting a niche sector or because of change in regulations or laws.

However as a business grows, there can (and often does) come with it challenges or complications.  For example, when a business grows rapidly there can be a squeeze on cash flow from existing operation to fund the growth.  So partnering with an accountant and business advisor who understands and can work through these challenges is a must.

My Wealth

Our wealth is important in how we fund our lifestyle now and into our retirement years.  So its fair to say that maximiising one's wealth is extremely important.  And maximising ones wealth is not about getting the best returns from effort and investment, but protecting what gets built up as well.

Through a process of assessing and discussing your growth and succession planning and having the important conversations, Cliftons can help see you make the best of what you've worked hard for.

My Tax

Most Australians, and taxpayers worldwide really, don't like the idea of paying income tax.  And frankly, no government yet has done such a good job with our hard earned contribution that we should be giving them any more than we have to.

Enter tax minimisation.

Cliftons knowledgable, expert team can guide you on the best way to reduce your overall tax payable, with consideration given to not only the here and now but the future as well.  This means applying 

But remember, there are 3 ways of looking at tax.  First is the black and white application of the law.  All accountants do this.  Second is the grey areas, where careful consideration of the facts, knowledge of the law and applying them together can be very beneficial with a reasonably arguable position.  Cliftons do this extremely well.  Finally there is the technicolour area, where the schemes and sneaks that try and get around the law operate.  You won't find Cliftons here.